The Scottish Enterprise funded Microarray Time-series Explorer (MATSE) project (project reference number L/JR/POC/8-OET003) aims to deliver high quality interactive visualisation software for the analysis of microarray time-course data.

The above screenshot previews some core MaTSE functionality in an early demonstrator. Our latest version of the software includes:

  • Links to R and the inclusion of clustering visualisations
  • Multi-sample experiments linked in multiple views
  • Visualisations that accommodate missing/null values in the data
  • Storage and retrieval of selections, making it easier for biologists to share findings
  • Visualisation of predefined gene groupings
  • Import/export of gene groupings
  • Sliders supporting common data queries (e.g. maximum fold change for a gene)

If you want to know more about MaTSE and how it might help you with your research or business, please get in touch via our contact page.

Please login for access to the Matse project website. If you do not have a username yet, you can register here.
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fig 5 test by Alan Cannon
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Initial test by Alan Cannon
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