The MATSE project is based at the School of Computing of Napier University in Edinburgh.

c/o Prof Jessie Kennedy
School of Computing
Napier University
10 Colinton Road,
EH10 5DT

Team Members

Alan Cannon Usability Engineer
Lewis Woollett Technology Entrepreneur
Iain McEwan Business Development Manager
Paul Craig Lead Software Engineer
Jessie Kennedy Principal Investigator
Robert Kukla Software Engineer

Last Modified: 24/02/2009 17:43
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  Recent patterns:
2010-02-12 15:52:16
unspecified by Alan Cannon
2009-11-18 11:42:21
fig 5 test by Alan Cannon
2009-11-18 11:26:44
fig3 related pattern by Alan Cannon
2009-11-18 11:23:37
Initial test by Alan Cannon
2009-07-16 15:33:17
unspecified by Robert Kukla
  Recent datasets:
2009-06-05 14:36:01
Mouse data 2 by Robert Kukla