TSExplorer Demonstrations

Please note that the demos available at present involve the older TSExplorer demonstrator software. This demonstrator has the same basic functionality as the MATSE software currently under development, though MATSE will have a fully revised interface and siginificant added functionality to support the exploration of Microarray Time Series data.

Video Demonstration

Download and view a video clip of the TSExplorer demonstrator software in action exploring a dataset involving 8653 genes over 17 time-points. The data is from an experiment investigating the activity of genes from breast tissue in a mouse during stages of development from a virgin state to post pregnancy [1]. (For reference, this experiment is also used as the example in the Project Introduction.)
Download video [Windows .avi] (3.97Mb)

Interactive Demonstration

This applet allows you to interact with the TSExplorer demonstrator software using the same experiment dataset as described above [1].

If you would like to try out the demonstration software using your own data, we would be happy to help you do so. You would need to email the data to us, we would convert it for use with the demonstrator and place it on the website for you and other registered users to view. Plese contact Robert Kukla if you wish to do this. The demonstration software has a number of restrictions on the data it can utilise (these restrictions will not all apply to the new MATSE software).

Please note that while we can promise to try and adapt your data to work with the demonstration software, we can offer no guarantees.

1. Stein T, Morris J, Davies C, Weber-Hall S, Duffy M-A, Heath V, Bell A, Ferrier R, Sandilands G, and Gusterson B. Involution of the mouse mammary gland is associated with an immune cascade and an acute-phase response, involving LBP, CD14 and STAT3. Breast Cancer Research 2004; 6(2): R75 - R91

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